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Why is Social Media so important?

Everyone is doing it, shouldn’t you? (Don’t worry, this is positive peer pressure)


Odds are, you have multiple social media accounts. So do your friends. Virtually everyone we know today is involved with some form of social media, and this isn’t limited to just the United States. Over 3.3 billion people worldwide are using social media in some form or another. Businesses have recently realized that this massive audience is perfect for advertising, and many of them are now putting heavy investments into social media marketing strategies. If your competition is doing it, shouldn’t you?


of U.S. based companies use Social Media Marketing


spent on Social Media Advertising in 2019


people use social media worldwide

A social media presence used to be nice to have,  now it is

Why do I need a social media marketing manager 

Seriously, shouldn’t I just be posting about selling my stuff?

Not at all! Businesses have the unique hurdle of trying to come across personally with their social media messaging. Additionally, reaching an audience that is as diverse and expansive as the 3.3 billion people on social media is not something to be taken lightly. Social media culture is fast moving and notoriously good at sniffing out the “corporate sellouts”, which makes trend awareness and content creation a full-time job. In the midst of all your other priorities, following trends may seem less important than closing a sale or managing your inventory. 

2.26 Billion Users
1.9 Billion Users
1 Billion Users
329.5 Million Users

Our mission is to provide your business with a comprehensive social media strategy that helps grow your business, promote your brand, and drive leads that turn into sales. 

Why BloomSocial?  

You guys seem nice enough, but why should I give you my money?

We are a small team driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit that drove you to start your business. Our goal is to come alongside your organization and provide world-class social media management, while also offering the personal relationships and strong communication that is inherent in a small business. We manage each account personally and work with you to determine your brand voice and company image. 


48-Hour Guarantee

Within 48 hours of your completion of intake forms and payment, BloomSocial will start making the magic happen! We know that time is money, we’ve got you. 

What do you do?

Alright, you’ve made a convincing argument. What services do you offer?

You can get started with social media management for as little as $147 a month with no long-term contracts or commitments. We offer services ranging from social media management and advertising campaigns, to photography, podcast editing, and much more. Check out our Packages and Pricing section to see our complete catalog of items we offer.