5 Reasons Why Your Website Sucks

It may sound kind of harsh, but if you’re noticing that your website is lacking traffic, experiencing short session times, and failing to create leads, that probably means it needs some work (5 key metrics to track to understand your website). Understanding the reasons why your site is underperforming is half the battle, so here are five reasons why your website may be holding your business back. 

  1. Slow Load Times

In the age of instant gratification, slow load times on your website can mean the difference between an engaged and disengaged user. Users will not stick around and wait for your site to load if it takes a while to load. On average, load times between two and five seconds are acceptable, but every second past two increases your bounce rate considerably. 

  1. Bad Mobile Optimization

With the emergence of LTE and 5G as the foundation for quick mobile browsing, more web traffic is coming from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. If your site hasn’t been optimized for smaller screens, you could be missing out on a huge amount of traffic that would come exclusively from mobile devices. 

  1. No Call to Action

Every site should have a target action, whether you’re looking to generate leads, fill out contact forms, or complete e-commerce transactions. Calls to action need to be present and accessible from any page on your site. 

  1. Disjointed Flow

A well designed website should sequentially take users down a predetermined path, with the final stop being a call to action. If your site takes too many clicks to complete an action, or they have to navigate through too many pages to find information, they may lose interest and leave. 

  1. Too Difficult to Find Important Information

Business hours, directions to the office/location, and additional information about products and services are just a few of the items that need to be clearly listed on your site. You want your website to be a homebase for all things that regard your business, so keeping important information at the forefront of your site is paramount. 

If you notice any (or all) of these five things are applicable to your site, you may consider doing a tune up or complete rework of your site. At BloomMedia, we can build your website into a 24/7 employee that adheres to design best practices. Want to learn more about a great website? Give us a shout at info@bloommedia.us if you’re interested in a custom quote for your website!

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