Three Success Metrics to Track for your Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Running a social media campaign can be difficult without the right tools and expertise in your corner. Many businesses think that throwing a ton of money into a campaign can make up for the careful planning of targeting and curating content towards your audience, but a campaign that has been meticulously crafted and funded with a moderate amount of budget will almost always outperform one that has a higher budget but nothing else. When the message and audience is well-defined, success will come!

As with any other campaign you run for your business, it’s important to define what constitutes a successful effort. Here are a couple of ways we at BloomMedia like to track success metrics for the social media campaigns we manage.

  1. Landing Page Views

At BloomMedia, part of every ad campaign we run includes a tailored landing page that we use to track clicks. When a viewer clicks on an ad, they are taken to a landing page where they can learn more about the business, schedule a consultation, make a purchase, or complete any other target action. Tracking the amount of views on this page is a great way to track how successful your ad was. To maximize value here, consider creating industry-specific landing pages, or implement A/B testing in your advertising strategy. 

  1. Cost per Call/Lead/Click

This metric takes the amount of money you spent on the ad and divides it by the number of leads, calls, or clicks you received. This is a traditionally used method to determine if you are getting appropriate ROI on your campaign. Successful campaigns are often marked by lower cost per call/lead/click.

  1. Brand Impressions

A successful campaign can also be marked by the amount of impressions you received. Comments, likes, and follows are a great way to track the engagement of an advertisement. Raising overall brand awareness should be at least a secondary goal of any campaign you run. Growing your following is never a bad thing!

At the beginning of any campaign, BloomMedia works with your business to define success. If you’re interested in social media advertising management or any of our other digital marketing services, give us a shout at to learn more!

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