Three Ways to Provide Value with Your Social Media Content

For new businesses looking to start up a social media presence, it can often be difficult to understand the differences between posting on a personal account versus posting as a business. Personal accounts are a blank canvas, allowing you to post, share, and comment on anything you like. When it comes to business accounts, the rules are different. Overcoming the inherent bias against advertisements and sales pitches makes running a business account more complicated. Businesses can overcome this bias by providing better value with the content they share. Here are three ways you can use your content to build a successful business profile on social media, along with some examples to help show what we mean. 

  1. Create and Share Relevant Infographics

Infographics are an excellent category of content that can provide deeper analysis into one of the many factors that go into your business. Investigating adjacent industries that collaborate or partner with your business may also allow you to reach a wider audience through sharing relevant information. Most of the information and statistics you can use to make up your infographics can be accessed freely through basic web searches. 

Examples include….

Coffee Shop: Create an infographic sharing the amount of coffee you receive monthly. If possible, break it down based on where your beans are grown.

Doctors Office: Share statistics about people who get their yearly physical, then speak to the benefits it brings

Law Firm: Share case statistics based on the law practice you are in

  1. Demonstrate your Product or Service

Depending on the business you run, posting a video or series of photos demonstrating what you are selling is often a valuable way for people to see what exactly they will get when choosing your business. If you believe that what sells your product is it’s quality, promote that to people! For services, giving people a sneak peak or step by step guide for what to expect when working with your business eliminates a lot of the guesswork that goes into selecting a particular service. For goods/product-based businesses, give people a look at your product, what it does, and the quality it provides. 

  1. Use Social Media for Coupons, Promotions, and More

This method quite literally provides value for your audience. By posting discount codes or coupons on your business feed, customers are more likely to visit your site and make a purchase. Using your social feed as a place where discounts are promoted encourages people to follow you so they won’t miss any potential promotions. Try posting a QR code in a post that gives a customer a discount, or mention in the description that customers can get a discount if they mention the post. 

Linking these three methods together in your content sharing strategy will help your business generate a legitimate following. While many businesses use social media only as a means to advertise, the best businesses understand the balance between providing information to their audience, showcasing their product or service, and offering discounts as a holistic social media marketing strategy. If you have any questions or are interested in a content creation package, email us at to learn more!

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