3 Ways Blogs Can Help Your Business

This all may seem a bit meta to talk about the importance of blogs while writing one, but this topic has been brought up enough to warrant us writing about it! Businesses in all industries use blogs for a variety of reasons, including brand awareness and thought leadership. If you have read any of our blogs here at BloomMedia, you would know that we use it as a place to cover current events and as a place to share tips about a healthy digital marketing strategy. In this blog, we will cover three of the main reasons why your company should be using blogs as part of a holistic digital marketing strategy.

  1. More blogs means more keywords

As you cover a multitude of topics in your blog, you are also adding keywords to your website that search engines will access. Think of it this way, if you enter the following search query, “how to manage a coffee shop social media account”, the results from that search would include anything with the keywords “coffee”, “social media”, and “manage”. If your business had written a blog on social media management, you will likely show up in the search results, although, you likely would not show up on the first page. Writing a multitude of blogs about different topics helps your blog show up in multiple results, which increases your chance of generating web traffic and brand awareness. 

  1. Good blogs can establish you as a thought leader

Writing well-informed blogs on topics that people are interested in is the best way to retain readers and viewers. If I’m looking for advice on a particular topic and can routinely visit a blog to receive that advice, I’m obviously going to come back because the value is always there. Companies that do this really well also have the ability to subscribe to blogs and newsletters, establishing the next level of engagement with their followers through email. 

  1. Engaging blogs increase time spent on your site

Tracking the length of user sessions on your website is a great way to see how engaged people are, and blogs are a great way to boost this number. The longer a user spends on your site, the more likely they are to engage with your business at the next level, whether that’s sales, subscribing to a newsletter, filling out a contact form, or any other engagement. 
If you’re on the fence about starting a blog or are worried about having the appropriate resources needed to maintain one, BloomMedia offers blog-writing in conjunction with website maintenance to ensure that your business is posting content with consistency. Give us a shout at our new email address, info@bloommedia.us to learn more and receive a free quote on a digital marketing package that works for your business!

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