Meme Marketing – Three Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Them

Nobody really knows the true origin of meme culture. As the internet became more publicly accessible and image sharing was easier to do via forums and other internet discussion boards, meme culture began to take shape and develop into what we know today.  Over the course of the last 10 years, the culture and memes themselves have drastically changed, starting with funny images with text and evolving into something that has penetrated pop culture, politics, and most recently, the world of finance. The ability for memes to quickly go viral is the defining trait that makes them so effective in communicating a message. 

Businesses have begun to include memes as part of their social media posting strategy, and have done so to varying degrees of success. Here at BloomMedia, we think meme posting is part of a well-rounded content posting strategy, but it must be done the right way to avoid alienation from your audience. Here are three reasons why we think your business should adopt this as part of your daily social media strategy. 

  1. Memes are a way to stay current with the trends

Memes make up a large percentage of social media posts today. Using them as part of your posting strategy is a great way to stay current with what is trending. Full disclaimer, if you choose to use memes as part of your posting strategy, you MUST keep up with what is current. Being behind the trends in meme posting is a surefire way to tank your online reputation. 

  1. Memes communicate a message quickly

If a picture is worth a thousand words, each meme is roughly worth around 1010 words after you add your own captions. Most people already have a preconceived concept about what the meme is communicating just by seeing the picture, so adding your own captions is a great way to drive the point home. People consume memes quickly, so adding yours to the mix is a good way to get your message out. 

  1. Memes are a format almost everybody understands

We say almost everybody because we mentioned on a podcast a few weeks ago that Bailey (our CEO’s) dad does not know what memes are, so we have to believe that there are more people out there who don’t. As communication increasingly moves to digital formats including social media and forums, memes become an even more effective way to communicate due to their adoption and recognizability amongst internet users. 
While memes may be an effective tool in your marketing arsenal, it is absolutely imperative that you keep up with what is popular. There is nothing worse than posting old memes and immediately proving to your audience that you do not know what is current . This can often be a struggle as many businesses do not have the time to keep up. This is why we at BloomMedia offer this as one of our many services in the social media marketing world. Shoot us a message at to learn more!

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