The Top Three Messaging Apps as Ranked by BloomMedia

For the groups of friends, family, and coworkers who use both Android and iOS-powered smartphones, group messaging can be a pain. These two mobile operating systems do not interact nicely with each other, and messaging suffers from compressed videos, inability to send messages via WiFi, and a host of other issues. This is where third-party messaging apps shine. Apps like Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp are great examples of applications that provide the messaging experience you need to effortlessly communicate with your groups. These apps provide a solid alternative to traditional SMS and MMS messaging, especially when you are communicating with members in different countries and wish to avoid hefty international texting fees, or in areas that have WiFi instead of cellular coverage. Each of these applications come with a PC/Mac companion app that allows you to message from your computer as well. Here at BloomMedia, we have used three different applications and ranked which ones we like best. 

#3 – WhatsApp

WhatsApp leads the list with a whopping 2 billions active users as reported in October 2020. Providing a simple user interface with the option for video calls and document sharing, WhatsApp is a perfect tool for messaging. We rate this lower because it is owned by the Facebook Group, which has been in the news for capturing and monetizing user data without user consent. 

#2 – Telegram

What you will find when looking into each of these messenger apps is that they all have roughly the same set of features, but differ in terms of open-source friendliness and security. Telegram boasts a user count of over 400 million users, but ranks higher than WhatsApp due to its increased security measures and open-source code that is free for anyone to review. 

#1 – Signal

Signal is the latest application in this group that has made huge waves following endorsements from internet icons such as Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and the most famous whistleblower of them all; Edward Snowden. This application is completely open source and is funded through donations only, ensuring that large corporations cannot use money to influence data capturing and sharing from within the application. In recent days, Signal’s app servers crashed due to the massive amounts of users who were flocking to the new application. If you are looking for the most secure messaging application, Signal is the place to be. 

At BloomMedia we use third-party messaging applications to organize different business chats outside of our personal text messages, and it has worked wonders for making sure important information is being shared in the proper channels. We would love to hear how these apps have improved the efficiency of communication in your business! Reach out to us at to let us know!

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