Three Steps for Using AI to Improve your Marketing

Whenever the term AI comes up in conversation or in the news, conversations will often turn to apocalyptic events caused by a machine takeover or robot revolution. This imagery is littered in popular movies such as the Terminator series with Skynet, or the machines from The Matrix. We can assure you that no such AI exists on the planet today. 

The AI that does exist today is often synonymous with machine learning, which is training a computer with a large data set to identify trends in user behavior. At BloomMedia, we use AI-driven tools to track a virtually infinite amount of data points and use those to identify what makes an advertisement successful. The goals of any advertisement cycle are increased leads and closed sales, and AI helps accomplish this with three main steps. 

  1. Train the Model

In order for AI tools to be successful, models have to be trained with a massive amount of data. These can be anything from clicks on a website, keyword searches, time spent viewing an advertisement, and much more. This process tends to take the longest amount of time, especially because a big part of the process is correcting the model when it makes an incorrect presumption.

  1. Identify Trends

Once the model is trained, trends begin to show up regarding user behavior. Maybe an advertisement is performing better during peak work hours compared to leisure hours, or perhaps a specific keyword is resonating with an audience in a specific area of the world. These AI models are developed to process through billions of data points and provide clear answers about trends. These trends educate you on user behavior, which is essential for any good marketing campaign. 

  1. Craft an Effective Strategy

Knowing your audience is the most important thing in marketing, and AI tools are making it easier to do this quickly and at a larger scale. While AI provides much of the heavy lifting in data processing and trend identification, there is no replacement for the creativity that must go into advertisement in order for it to be successful. Understanding user behavior is only half the battle, the other half is creating a message that resonates with them and leads to sales or other business objectives. 

If this all sounds too much to process, reach out to us at BloomMedia to see how we can help your business with our AI-driven marketing tools. Our team uses these tools to craft marketing strategies that are custom-fit for your business, providing deeper insight into your audience to achieve your business objectives. Fill out a form on our website, or email us at to learn more. 

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