Using Digital Content to Grow Your Business’ Digital Presence – Part Three: White Papers

This blog is part three of a three-part series covering the different types of digital content your business can use to grow your digital presence. Part one can be viewed here, and part two can be viewed here.

Digital content should make up a good majority of the communications that come from your business. As mentioned in the past two blogs, a written content strategy of thought leadership, case studies, and white papers is a great way to cover three different scenarios, all while accomplishing the same goal of growing your business’s digital influence. 

White Papers: An exercise in the art of the possible 

Of the three types of content mentioned in this series, white papers and case studies have the most in common. Each of these content types should contain information about how your business helps solve a problem, the only key difference is that in a case study, you would typically write about a concrete example. White papers are more geared towards projecting how you would solve the problem given the opportunity. When writing white papers, it is important to highlight the same talking points as you would a case study:

  1. What is the problem?
  2. How COULD you solve it?
  3. What would the outcome be?

White papers require a bit more research into the industry you are looking to target, specifically, the problems or pain points faced by that industry. These pieces help showcase the flexibility of your product or service to solve problems that may not have been presented yet. 

The Full Strategy

Now that we’ve discussed each of the three content types, lets recap the overall benefits of each content type:

Thought Leadership – Build expertise in your industry, share or produce content covering the latest technical advancements or other interesting news. This builds your reputation as an expert in the field. 

Case Studies – “We can help, here’s the proof”. These pieces should cover real, tangible scenarios where your product or service has helped improve the lives of others. These provide examples of how your business has helped others in a particular industry, proving that you can help others in a similar way. 

White Papers – “Here’s how we could help you”. While these pieces may not be rooted in real success stories, showcasing the versatility of your product or service is still valuable for expanding into new industries.
These three pieces together combine to create a well-rounded digital presence for your business. If you would like to learn more, or are interested in a consultation on how to best maximize your digital content strategy, reach out to us at or fill out a Contact Us form on the site.

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