Using Digital Content to Grow Your Business’ Digital Presence – Part One: Thought Leadership

Written content is one of the best ways to help grow the digital presence of your business. Keeping users engaged with your business through written content is a great way to keep your business top of mind, generate web and social media traffic, and potentially generate sales interest.  Of the different methods, thought leadership, case studies, and white papers represent three equally important types of content for any successful digital marketing strategy. In this blog series, we will cover the three different types of written content and give some tips on how to best utilize them to maximize your digital presence. 

Thought Leadership: Industry info without the sales pitch

Thought leadership pieces are a great way to showcase the expertise you have in your industry. By covering topics that are relevant to an audience, authors can generate interest not only in their personal content, but also in the organization they represent. Covering recent trends, future technology that may affect the industry, and highlighting innovations are just some of the topics you can cover in thought leadership pieces.

What separates thought leadership from the other two categories is the relatively light emphasis on “salesy” language and lead generation. Thought leadership pieces should be authored with the emphasis on educating your audience and building expertise in your industry. While these things may help to build a better sales profile for your business, this is not the primary driving force behind creating these pieces. 

Looking to get started on authoring your own thought leadership? Here are a few examples of content types you could get started with.

Blogs – Short blog posts covering the latest in your industry is a great way to get started down the path of thought leadership. Posting on your website or on a dedicated blog site then sharing these pieces via social media is a cheap and effective way to build industry awareness. 

Podcasts – While these take a bit more expertise in sound editing and some upfront costs for gear and software, podcasts are a wildly popular format for sharing thoughts and ideas. 

Webinars/e-lectures – If you can attract a large enough audience of people, webinars and e-lectures are another popular way to promote thought leadership, especially given the current limitations on in-person conferences. 

As part of a full digital marketing plan, thought leadership plays an important role in establishing a reputation of expertise for your business. Diversifying the types of content you put out will result in higher search-ability and a wider audience reached. As a full-service digital media agency, BloomMedia can provide the tools you need to begin creating thought leadership for your business. If you would like to learn more, visit us on our website and request a free proposal to see how we can help grow your digital presence.

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