LinkedIn: 3 Reasons You Need It & 3 Reasons Your Business Needs It

Whether you’re a new business or old, fresh to the workforce or a long time career professional, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for making connections with businesses and professionals.  While LinkedIn retains many of the same features as a typical social media platform such as liking and commenting on posts, there are a number of unique things that LinkedIn brings to the table that set it apart from the rest. Check out these three reasons for creating and maintaining a profile for your business and personal account. 


  1. Recruiting

One of the top benefits of LinkedIn is the ability to post jobs and initiate recruiting for open positions. With both free and paid options, tapping into the massive user base of LinkedIn is a great way to expand your search for the right candidate. 

  1. Posting thought leadership

We find some social media truths to be self evident. One of those is constantly posting thought leadership to keep your business top of mind. LinkedIn, due to its business-centric nature, tends to act as a more responsive place to post thought leadership pieces. Businesses can also view basic metrics like how many people viewed the post straight from the post itself.

  1. Following industry experts

Many industry experts use LinkedIn to post their own thought leadership, and may not necessarily post them on Facebook or Instagram. LinkedIn is a great place to follow industry trends and access high-quality content that is relevant to your business. 


  1. Building your professional profile

Unlike Facebook and Instagram where you are mostly building a profile of your personal life, LinkedIn focuses on your business accomplishments, certifications, and work history. This is an easy way to showcase what makes you unique and checking a LinkedIn profile is likely part of every interview process. 

  1. Making connections with people

Connecting with other users, both in your organization and out is a great way to expand your business relationships. This can prove useful when looking for new opportunities or making sales connections.

  1. Looking for Job Openings

LinkedIn is a fantastic place to apply for new jobs, and filling out your profile gives potential employers a much deeper look than any resume could. It’s easy to search for open positions based on your title or area of work you want to go into. 

Creating a profile is free, but signing up for LinkedIn Premium gives a number of additional benefits for both businesses and personal profiles. On the personal side, Premium allows you to see who viewed your profile, which can be a handy tool for making connections or viewing recruiters who are interested in you. You can also see average salaries for other people who work in similar industries as you. For businesses, Premium offers different tiers of recruiting options which opens up your job posting capabilities. No matter your role, the fact that LinkedIn is free means that it should be another tool in your social media toolbox. 

At BloomSocial, we recommend a robust LinkedIn profile to all our clients. If you’d like help getting your profile set up or are looking for content management for your business, reach out to us at to learn more.

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