Three Ways to Maximize Your E-Commerce Presence

If you’re a business looking to grow brand awareness, increase sales, and reach a broader audience, having a solid e-commerce strategy is essential. Especially considering current events, many businesses are adopting a complete e-commerce strategy in favor of a traditional brick and mortar shop. While there are pros and cons to each method, there is no arguing that a solid e-commerce strategy is worth the time you spend creating it. Here are three methods we recommend for building a strong e-commerce presence. 

  1. Traditional Web Shop

Hosting your own website with an e-commerce plugin is arguably the most important way to promote sales within your business. Products such as WooCommerce and Shopify are two of the most widely used options for setting up a fully-functioning e-commerce site, but many other options are available for your choosing. Having control over the invoicing platform you use and controlling shipping costs highlight two of the main benefits of a self-hosted e-commerce site. While running your own site may come with additional maintenance costs, it is still the best way to sell your products your way.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has emerged as another fantastic option for listing and selling your goods. Utilizing the massive audience of Facebook is perfect for any business looking to grow their brand awareness. While Facebook does charge a sellers fee for each transaction, it does cover sales tax and payment processing as part of the process. 

  1. Amazon

Last but certainly not least, Amazon is another great place to list your goods for sale. With over 300 million users, order fulfillment with and without Prime, and a simplified billing structure, Amazon attracts hundreds of thousands of businesses across the United States. Depending on the amount of product you move, Amazon offers two different plans that vary in fee structure, each with the option to have fulfillment by Amazon which includes Prime delivery. 

As part of a broader e-commerce strategy, BloomSocial recommends each of these options in tandem to maximize your digital presence. If you’re interested in getting these set up for your business, or receiving a customized e-commerce strategy, contact us on our website or email us at

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