Responsive Websites: Three Reasons Your Business Needs One

Responsive design is a relatively new term that is now seen as the industry standard for web and software development. The main concept behind a responsive website is the adaptability between multiple different screen sizes without having to reload the page. A responsive site ensures that all users with different screen sizes, from ultrawide desktop monitors to 4.7 inch smartphones, will have a similarly easy time navigating through your site. With the increase in mobile web traffic as the main catalyst, here are three reasons why your business needs a responsive site.

  1. Web traffic is increasingly coming from mobile devices

While the majority of web traffic has historically come from desktops or laptops, mobile smart devices and tablets are quickly overtaking that spot. According to a blog by Broadband Search, mobile devices and tablets account for 51.3% of web traffic, while desktop accounts for 48.7%. The widespread availability of LTE reduced the gap between download speeds available on mobile and desktop, while 5G is slated to eliminate that gap entirely. Many people prefer web browsing on their mobile device, and happily accept the lessened screen real estate in exchange for portability. Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly is an absolute necessity.

  1. Good navigation may be un-noticable, but bad navigation kills

When it comes to web browsing, smooth navigation is everything. While really good navigation may be unrecognizable a majority of the time, web users can always point out when a website is clunky, disorganized, or just plain hard to use. Taking the time to invest in proper formatting, ensuring the absence of dead links, and reducing clicks for navigation is all well worth it. 

  1. Google rewards responsive sites with higher SEO rankings

In 2018, Google announced that they would be including “mobile-friendliness” as a contributing factor to SEO rankings. In a previous blog, we mentioned the importance of SEO rankings as a contributing factor for your business. Higher SEO rankings means that your business will appear more frequently in search engine queries, which is a huge boost to your digital visibility. 

BloomSocial now offers web design services which include a fully-responsive site that meets all the guidelines of responsive design. If you are interested in a website consultation, or are just wanting to learn more, reach out to us at to learn more!

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