Instagram Tagging: Three Tags to Help Boost Your Following

Businesses should always be looking at ways to improve their Instagram following. More followers means higher brand awareness, better interaction, and ideally, more sales. Tagging is a popular method of making posts easier to discover and can help expand the audience of your posts beyond just your following. There are many different types of tags you can use on your profile, but today’s blog will be focused on three of the main tags that can bring your business more followers. 


Location tagging is one of the most effective features in Instagram.. By associating your post with the location you are in, you gain access to the Instagram users who are in that location, thus helping to build a following in an area that may not be primary for your business. This can especially be helpful if you are expanding your business to new locations and you are giving updates on construction, decoration, or any part of the grand opening timeline. Building hype around a new site for your business is a great way to improve foot traffic immediately upon opening. 


Hashtags have been around almost since the dawn of social media and still retain a high level of relevance in today’s world. Twitter built a whole social media profile featuring hashtags as a major piece, and other social media providers have adopted the concept as well. Hashtags have been used for just about everything, including weddings, social media trends like “throwback thursday”, and even popular news stories that are circulating. Using hashtags is a great opportunity to grow your brand, especially if you are posting about something popular that is happening. When social media users search for that hashtag, your post will be listed among the results, helping to further expose your brand beyond its current following. 

Other Accounts

Tagging other accounts is a great method of cross-promotion, targeting the followers of both accounts with your post. This is commonly used in the podcast world when guests are featured in an episode. The Instagram account for said podcast will tag the guest, giving their post access to all the followers of their guest. Giveaways are another prime example of account tagging used to great success. Users often have to follow the account doing the giveaway and tag multiple friends in the comments. This method has proven to be very powerful for businesses looking to expand their audience without having to do direct paid promotion. 


At BloomSocial, we use these tagging methods and many more to grow your social media following. Visit or email us at to learn more about how we can optimize your social media strategy. 

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