Brand Identity: 3 Ways to Set Apart Your Brand

Often when we think of successful companies, the branding comes to the top of mind long before the product or service does. The mermaid from the Starbucks logo, the polar bear from the Coke commercials, and the gecko from Geico all serve as great examples of visual branding that have taken on a life of their own beyond just a corporate logo. This is the power of concise brand messaging, and when used properly, it can evolve your business beyond just the products or services you offer. In a previous blog post, we wrote about finding your voice on social media and the importance of defining it early. Brand identity is a central component that makes up, and often helps determine your voice on social media, so finding it early is paramount in your digital business’ strategy.

Now you likely don’t have the resources of a Starbucks or Geico when determining your branding strategy, but this does not preclude you from using some of the same tactics they use to create a solid brand! Here are three ways to set your brand apart and create that powerful sense of brand identity.

1.       Associate your branding with the outcome your product or service should achieve

The polar bear from Coke immediately makes the connection between the thoughts of “ice cold” and “Coke”. This thought association helps reinforce the ideal outcome of drinking a Coke, refreshment. You often see injury lawyer commercials paint the lawyer as a “tough guy” fighting to make sure you get what you deserve. This is all intentional, and it serves to attempt to create an introductory sense of trust that this guy will fight for your rights to get you what you deserve. These strategies all have something in common; they are aimed at showing you what their service will accomplish for you. Use your branding to suggest to your audience that the outcome of using your services will result in success, whatever that looks like in your industry.

2.       Use your branding to overcome the reservations people have with your service

Understanding the motivations of your audience is always key, and you may often be dealing with potential customers who need to be convinced that they need your service or product. Companies like health clinics often have to overcome the negative stereotypes that are generated by the “phonies” of the industry. In the world of health clinics, successful branding will often include highlighting the years spent in the industry and the success stories of using their services. Building legitimacy should be a key objective of any branding strategy.

3.       Focus on visual, but understand how much text to use

The social media revolution has created an environment where grabbing people’s attention is equally difficult as it is important. Telling a story with an image or graphic may be difficult, but it is absolutely worth the time you spend trying to create it. There may be a time and place for using long-form text to describe your brand’s history or mission statement, but focus your time and attention on graphics, videos, or images that can really highlight the story you are trying to tell.

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