Using Instagram Live to Make Your Business More Personal (feat. The NBA)

Sports fans across the world are rejoicing with the latest updates on the restarting of the NBA. While other sports leagues have resumed play across the world, the NBA will be arguably the most interesting US-based sport to follow as teams travel to Disney World in Florida to complete their season. Teams and players just recently arrived at Disney World where they will be living in the “bubble”, having access to the parks, restaurants, and various forms of entertainment, yet will be unable to leave the grounds while they finish the season. These unique circumstances have led to players turning to social media as a way to give people an inside look into their living conditions, namely through Instagram Live. 

Instagram Live is one of the most popular features of Instagram, allowing users to livestream from their phone and interact with fans. People who tune in can engage through live commenting and reactions, which can be addressed by the person streaming. This feature creates an environment where fans can connect on a deeper level with celebrities, companies, or anyone else with an Instagram account. 

Businesses would do well to capitalize this recent trend and use it as an opportunity to reach out to their audience in a new way. Check out these four tips to better utilize Instagram Live to its fullest potential for your business or organization. 

  1. Let your audience know beforehand

It doesn’t do you any good to go live if nobody knows you are! In order to maximize your audience on an Instagram Live session, post about it in advance; whether on your story or feed. Additionally, if you plan on making this a recurring event, consider drafting and posting a schedule on your feed or integrate it within your bio so people can always know when to tune in.

  1. Try and engage with your viewers often

The lifeblood of livestreaming is viewer engagement. Streaming is a unique opportunity to directly connect with your audience in real time, and doing this well can foster a deeper relationship with your followers. It may not be possible to respond to every comment, reaction, or question posted, but addressing as many as you can during your stream is only going to help. Many NBA players are using this opportunity to connect with fans and shed light on the unique situation they are in, and in their careers, fan engagement is key to success.

  1. Make your stream interesting

This may sound like a no-brainer, but people going live just to hear themselves talk is quite common in the streaming world. Use this opportunity to do activities like a live Q&A or offer a behind-the-scenes look at your business. In the NBA world, players are using this opportunity to show their hotel rooms, give insight into their meals, and offer a look into the entertainment options they have in the “bubble”. 

  1. Be yourself

The age-old advice rings true once more. The best thing you can do is just act like yourself. Hopefully over the course of your life, you have developed likeable personality traits that people will enjoy seeing. Don’t put on a fake happy, overly excited attitude because people can see right through it. Likewise, using Instagram Live only as a means to promote your business or brand is a good way to alienate yourself from your followers. This is easy for many NBA players because of their interesting personalities, but if you have something interesting to say, you too can stream with success. 

While these tips directly correlate to Instagram Live, they can also be used for other streaming platforms like Twitch. With Covid cases on the spike again, businesses would be wise to implement a sound digital strategy for outreach, and these four tips should help get the ball rolling. 

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