Three Ways to Utilize the Advertising Rule of 7 to Transform Your ROI

Familiarity breeds comfortability, especially when making decisions. Historically, companies have learned that multiple exposures to the product generally result in increased sales. This principle is certainly not new. The “Advertising (or Marketing) Rule of 7” states that in order to get prospective customers to take the next step on your product, they need to be exposed to your product at least seven times. We would argue that in today’s convoluted marketing world, that number needs to be far higher in order to be effective.

The advent of third-party internet cookies allows this rule to be used to great effect by smaller companies looking to boost sales and promote brand awareness. For example, the Instagram ads you see often revolve around items that you have previously searched. This is because third-party cookies store the information you search on, while social media platforms and websites sell advertising space that can directly interface with those cookies. The best and most comical explanation for this comes from Parks and Recreation, where Ron Swanson finds out that his computer has been tracking his personal information. Distribution of browsing information is still a hot topic for debate in the internet privacy conversation, but nobody can deny that personalized ads have become a major tool for sales and marketing.

Whether you’re in E-Commerce, Business to Business (B2B) sales, personal services, or any other form of business, these three tips can help you use the Advertising Rule of 7 to its maximum potential.

1. Plan to run multiple ad campaigns

While consistency is key, running the same ad over and over tends to elicit more annoyance than positive response. When planning a marketing campaign, expect to craft multiple messages and cycle them out as time goes on. If possible, create new content as it’s most often seen as better than recycling old posts. The only company we know of that has effectively recycled old advertisements is Geico with their rerun campaign. But if you’re a small business and don’t have that type of advertising budget, you have nothing to worry about! Creating new content ensures a fresh perspective for your target audience!

2. Run your campaigns for longer
This concept is pretty simple: the longer you run a campaign, the higher your chance is that somebody will see it multiple times. The size of your target audience can also determine how often that audience will see your advertisement over the course of your ad campaign. When in doubt, try running an ad for one month and reevaluate from there!
3. Trust the process

Waiting to see ROI during a marketing campaign is one of the toughest things to be patient for. However, if you put together the right message, target the right audience, and nail the timespan, eventually you’ll start seeing the right connections being made. It’s all about the quality of your product and word of mouth to keep pushing your campaign (and business) forward!


Getting an advertisement in front of somebody multiple times can be tricky, especially without the knowledge of how each social media platform works. Bloom Social Marketing takes the confusion out of social media advertising by working with you and for you to ensure a successful strategy. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn more, or visit our website at


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